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St Augustine's Kilburn is open to worshippers of all ages and backgrounds. Through our worship and prayer we aim to grow in our discipleship of Jesus Christ and illustrate this through our faithful stewardship.


. Contact us to find out more about becoming part of our community.


Our parish community is vibrant and diverse, and we welcome worshippers and visitors from far and wide who are drawn to St. Augustine's long-established tradition of Catholic worship, mission and outreach in Kilburn and beyond. 


St. Augustine's Kilburn seeks to bear witness to the Christian faith through upholding the Catholic tradition of worship centred around the offering of the Mass and of service to the community through pastoral care and outreach as most vividly shown since 1870 in our schools.


Founded in 1870 by Father Kirkpatrick and Mother Emily Ayckbowm of the Community of the Sister’s of the Church, St. Augustine’s School has over the decades evolved alongside state education policy. As a consequence on the 28th October 2019 St. Augustine’s Federated Schools was legally established. Both schools are now served by one governing body which reviews all aspects of school life for pupils, parents/carers and staff.

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